Thursday, July 16, 2020

Moving On Up to a Better Host

Right now, we're not out but moving on again.  Actually, we're in the midst of looking for a host not connected to "oogGel" or "StopPop".  We've had unusual relations in the past but when don't acknowledge my host remittance, we have a problem. 

So, we've been holding an audition process that so far has looked like this...

Yup,  it beez that way sometimes.

Anyway, we're narrowing in on a final candidate solution so thanks in advance for your patience!

Friday, July 10, 2020

When Your Online Presence is No Longer the Business

There's nothing more powerful than being able to make a decent living while sitting around in your jammies or putting the hours YOU want.  However, there's a lot that can happen during the course of freelancing or choosing to work at home.  Throw in the COVID pandemic and you may be rethinking your career path entirely.

Not long ago, I chose to use a masseuse service for personal and physical reasons.  For years, I'd seen one young lady inside a luxury-style day spa who appeared to be happy.  Even better, I learned she was the owner.  I never entered or made a live appointment but in checking out her website, it kind of looked like she had some decent offerings.

Even her Yelp profile was 4/5 stars and for this type of business where rough hands can kill everything, this was impressive.  According to commenters, her prices were also lower than most in the area.  So I make an appointment and that's when the question marks pop up in my head.

The navigation on the site was terrible like one person made the lovely animated home page but a different shopping cart package was used. More like a cheap one because her logo disappeared and the services listed on different pages couldn't be found.  I just got my website creator certificate and have a degree in Merchandising so I'm a little picky about these things.  My experience in e-commerce also lets me know that corner-cutting may be a problem for me as the customer.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Gone but Not Forgotten

Courtesy of From Head to Curve

When I read that Fabuplus magazine ceased publication a while ago, my heart sank.  I also think ti kinda affected my desire to work out more.  Anyway, I hope that pioneers like Jessamyn Stanley will continue to break down the walls of self-consciousness that many of us face when we choose to transform our bodies for the better.

Since I last posted regularly, I've been affected by a lot of health issues.  Not just cancer or post-chemo weight gain but the process of gaining natural energy.  I'm 13 years older than I was when I started this blogging thing but I've got the insides of a 75 y.o.  Yes, I'm probably the only person at my college graduation who knows EXACTLY where to find the prune juice in every supermarket.  Hell, I can even tell you how to make prunes more tolerable!

Which brings me to a heartbreaking moment I experienced during finals.  I lost a cousin who weighed around 500 lbs around the time of her demise.  I don't think Dr. Now had a show back then but she faced a challenge that many super-obese people face when they decide to make a change.

The day her son publicly chided her for not being able to walk, I got sick to my stomach.  While they've always had a nontraditional relationship, I knew the pain of that verbal blow.  For years, she held steady at a super-sturdy 300 lbs (about 5'6), which isn't the worst thing but the pendulum can rock with wild abandon when it comes to regular workouts.  Before her passing, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wasn't able to work.  Although she knew how to work the system, her last place of residence for nearly a decade was a senior citizen home, where she was admitted at 57 years young.

Many times, I managed to walk with a bad knee and even joined a free workout session at the mall (SPOILER: Don't be afraid to join in a senior citizen workout session.  Even if things are a little slow, it's more calorie-burning activity than sitting in front of an electronic box for half an hour).  This was late last year and I felt optimistic.  Strangely, I sometimes consider myself blessed because there's a will to workout - even though I'm no one's athlete.  Not even by a stretch.

We owe it to ourselves to create a sense of community.  Not just for the color of our skin or sexual preference because those things mean nothing if we're not healthy.  In the years since my regular posts, the media has inundated us with images that celebrate gluttony, sloth, and a lack of self-confidence.

I'm no one to say that Lizzo is any better or worse than the next person but I pray for the well-being of anyone who's dealing with mental health and weight issues simultaneously.  Watch any episode of my 600# Life and what is the common factor of most participants?  That they were victims of sexual abuse growing up...some even in the home where they were the most vulnerable.

So, looking ahead all I can do is count blessings because looking at misfortunes (a.k.a. politics) can bring anyone down.  Also, I will stay updated on the re-issue of Fabuplus and I hope you enjoy the resources I've posted.  BYE!🙋

A Couple of Announcements

from Miss You GIFs via Gfycat

If you're still hanging in there, thank you.  We're in the process of emancipating ourselves from Danica Patrick's former slavemaster but in the era of this pandemic, everything is taking longer...including domain transfer.  The other matter at hand is that we will resume accepting blog submissions around July 1.

Right now, I'm updating and adding a few pages.  One will be a lengthy list of resources I've collected over the past few years.  These relate to lifestyle, plus size living, and small business.  I tend to be a nosy bird and often bookmark sites that are often overlooked and/or underappreciated.

In the meantime, this is a YouTube star that cracks me up.  Graham Stephan is a little extreme but from the looks of it, he became a "millionaire" making streaming vids.  Maybe I'm wrong but it seems the only person he's fiscally satisfied with is the young lady who lives out of her van by choice...but doesn't cook for herself.

Here's another vide that features down-to-earth money management advice for consumers -

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Are Plant Burgers BS?

As a cancer survivor, I'm all about healthier living compared to when I started out.  Daily tequila shots have been replaced by flavored coconut water and the occasional tobacco or other leafy product is...gone.  This food journey has been quite the trip but in some ways, vegan products have disappointed me the most.  From baked goods that are too dry and sweet to pasta made from cornmeal that can only be enjoyed al dente because it disintegrates once hot marinara and veggies get mixed in.

However, the plant protein burger is where I have mixed emotions.  One thing I like is that these have fiber and don't come with the same heart challenges as their meat (except turkey) cousin.  As far as the taste goes, it's not a favorite.

While I haven't had the casual/fast food restaurant offering, I have made these at home more than once.  This is the time when a person may want to prepare some onion or garlic toppers because the cooked smell is beyond horrid.  Like old beans, cheese, and processed pork products that have expired.

The taste to me is somewhat unfamiliar and this comes from someone who enjoys everything from Angus to venison, so I know my meats.  Although you may not care, what I did find interest was some factors I've learned through working with a client that's one of the two big names.

  • Although these are marketed as vegan, Impossible Foods (Burger) has joined forces with the OSI Group, a meat producer whose biggest client is McDonald's.  While contamination is an obvious concern, a separate production facility is being built.

  • According to Harvard Medical, the use of coconut oil in these burgers doesn't provide the right kind of heart-healthy properties. As far as calorie and fat content goes, there's not much difference in the numbers.  However, the best choice is to eat all burgers (even those bean-based patties) sparingly.
Even better, make your own at home.  I still love food as much as I did before the cancer but cooking has become a second love.  Here's a few burger brecipes worth trying..and they probably cost less than a pack of plant burgers from the supermarket freezer sections

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

You Spend Too Much Money

Yep, I said it. You...that person that must live at the mall for hours or spend hours at the computer while life is happening.  And you know better...the question is will you do better now that the holidays are around the corner?  Like anything else, rather than say you'll do the right thing to save face, first understand why you do the wrong thing.

You probably know about the many millionaires that live the frugal life but what are your plans?  Do you have plans?  Trust me, if you work for someone need plans for the day your services are no longer needed.
Shopping is both a necessity and a vice for some women.  Many of us were brought up to believe that the fiercest looking chick would become the woman who got ahead.  Really?  Well, some cultures (namely AA/ADOS/Black communities) generally would rather look fly rather than invest...NOT ALL but enough to make a difference.  Although dressing "to the nines" is a form of communication that says 'take me seriously', there's a happy medium that'll help you save money instead of wasting it.


So, getting back to the matter at hand.  Whether your shopping is a planned extravaganza or starts off simple but escalates out of control habitually, knowing the reason why can help reel things in.  The answer(s) may be surprising and it may be something you've never thought about.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Excellent Advice from Women Entrepreneurs

Barbara Corcoran is one of my business sheroes.  Seriously, ever since I read her bio Shark Tales more than a couple of years ago, I think of her when things are down.  When women choose someone who inspires them to do better, it's more effective when there is a common ground.

For those who don't know, Barbara built her fortune without a lot of money (it was something like $1K, I think), college, or marrying someone rich.  While she's one of the most prolific, there are many others who are creating their own path to success...even if it strays from the norm or what others may expect.

This Entrepreneur blog post features three women who struck out on their own and give a realistic POV of what really goes down.  When a person starts a business, it takes the ability to balance many factors - family obligations, preexisting money issues, time management and most importantly -- self-care.