Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why You Should Probably Learn How to Make Your Own Cosmetics

beauty makeover gone wrong
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The first time I discovered ULTA, the self-proclaimed largest beauty retailer in the U.S., I was kind of stoked.  I mean, they carry almost all cosmetic brands and some hard-to-find items under one roof, even though the price may be higher.  Also, you sometimes have to BEG for free samples after paying more than what some major department stores charge.

However, not getting that travel size hair gel should no longer be a concern for us consumers, as allegations of selling used cosmetics as new has resulted in a lawsuit. A California woman alleges that the Chicago-based company has a practice of doing this after a former employee posted claims on Twitter that her store did this routinely.  A representative for ULTA claims this is standard practice for some products, there is a quota and the used items are placed in a clearance bin.  On my Facebook feed were mixed accounts from former and current employees.

The store closest to me has such high turnover that I got tired of waiting in line and not receiving any samples.  Even worse, while there were plenty of people to ensure that I didn't steal anything, no one on that floor could really give advice about cosmetics (recently, I got burned by Whole Paycheck's vitamin department for the same thing).  If you're going to market yourself as something greater than the rest, why not bring it all the way home?

Anyway, while most of us know to use caution at most beauty counters, here's a breakdown of what can happen when you keep cosmetics around too long.  It stresses that eye makeup needs the most caution, as infections can develop but here's a chart that breaks it all down.  These days, I order online directly from the manufacturer.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Something to Think About on V-Day

In less than a week, you've got to find that special person in your life a gift.  Maybe you've got several gifts in mind, like a nice dinner and a play to match what could fit in a box.  Or it's The Big Day...

Well, that's fine and well, as I think everyone should experience romance at least once in their life.  However, never forget the love.  Not talking about when to say it or how to make it, I mean staying in love mode 24/7 as long as the two of you are breathing ... until the day you die or decide to call it a wrap.

But remember, you have to have it in order to give it.  Unlike flowers and jewels, real love can't be bought or made.

Many people enter cuddly, goofy, lustful, or mentally sadistic unions with that someone that has hooked them hard...or not.  Some people are damn proud of their business arrangement and even go to their grave with a mutual "understanding".  Money is many things but not everything.

Without love, there's no trust, no security, no life whatsoever.  Genuine love is different than falling in love.

When a person loves themselves, they are honest...about the good and bad.  The balance of giving the good to others and working to eliminate bad qualities can be a lifelong project.  We may fail but as long as a person returns to the drawing board at some point, the love is there.

This is where most people become comfortable in their skin and have no problem accepting that they may not be the cutest, or smartest, in the bunch...but there are other intangible qualities they have to share with someone who will reciprocate without force.


It's that honestly, along with a willingness to be better that allows people to grow and prosper.  So this isn't about putting someone down or saying that real love is non-existent in non-traditional scenarios.  But I will say that it takes adults more time to realize self-love (not masturbation) than previous generations.  Think about it, our parents (baby boomers or early Gen-Xers) never went on a syndicated talk show to air out dirty laundry while being subjected to boos, hisses and staged fights by the other person with "the problem"