Friday, April 5, 2019

Bitcoin Email Hack Alert...Beware

If you received a rather vile message from in the last day or two, it didn't come from me.  Seems there's a new kind of asshole out there that wants to extort folks for watching "fun" movies (even if you don't).  And they want their compensation in the form of nice!

Anyway, I'm pretty pissed because this is a paid email account and I've got the latest paid malware.  Now, what I understood from many who've chimed in online as potential victims, this is a scare only.  No one has images of you doing strange things or whatever.

So, the essential 411 is to block the sender and delete the message.  Do not click on any parts of the message or reply to tell them off.  If possible, change your email password or any passwords to sites you feel will compromise your professional image.

The above video is a non-sales (yes, many freelance techies are using this unfortunate event to sell their services) account as to what to look for and how the consumer should handle things on their end.  If you don't have six minutes to spare I can sum it up - don't give these people SHIT.  Also, no account I looked up recommends contacting the host to solve the problem (too busy collecting your money, I guess).  I got one of these both my Gmail (free) and paid host what does that tell you?

While this seems to be happening worldwide, I want to express that I do understand your frustration.  Especially if you've come to know us over the years and suddenly run across this crap.  We're not part of the bitcoin movement and have nothing to gain by seeing what you (or anyone else) do under the covers.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April is Financial Literacy Month

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Yep, along with the deadline for filing taxes, this month is ideal for getting that cabbage together.  While some people need a reason to take a close look at their finances, taking control means monitoring more than once a month.  You may be looking to pay for a summer wedding, decorate right after spring cleaning, or make a large purchase but there's no feeling like having extra money without having to get a part-time job.

Extra money can make a difference in starting that business venture, take an extended vacation, or just prepare for the unexpected.  I'm sure you can relate to having to pull that dreaded credit card when it comes time for car repairs.  If you're young (or young-ish) you're in the perfect position to rebuild your finances.

For us well-seasoned hens, this takes a little more patience.  Especially if there are loans to be paid off or we're doing an aggressive saving plan to supplement retirement but there are some support groups that can help those transitioning from a divorce.  The Women's Institute for Financial Education (WIFE) has a lot of resources for those looking to get their footing back.

Speaking from experience, there's no one way for you to bounce back financially.  It's like cleaning a physical home where some need a little dusting and others may require a deep cleaning from the ground up.  If one were to start with the fundamentals, taking a good look at current accounts and credit score for any inaccuracies will certainly help.

While you may not have the time or energy to attend a live financial literacy course (a lot of non-profits and churches host these at low/no-cost), there are some online classes that serve the same purpose.  Visit the MoneySmart site for free classes and resources or the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB)if you have questions about a particular area.  The great thing about the latter option is they will investigate any company or institution with questionable practices.

Although the journey is seldom easy for those who have made not-so-great choices, it's possible to come out on top.  The best way to stay focused is to create milestones and keep going until you reach your goal(s).