Bitcoin Email Hack Alert...Beware

If you received a rather vile message from in the last day or two, it didn't come from me.  Seems there's a new kind of asshole out there that wants to extort folks for watching "fun" movies (even if you don't).  And they want their compensation in the form of nice!

Anyway, I'm pretty pissed because this is a paid email account and I've got the latest paid malware.  Now, what I understood from many who've chimed in online as potential victims, this is a scare only.  No one has images of you doing strange things or whatever.

So, the essential 411 is to block the sender and delete the message.  Do not click on any parts of the message or reply to tell them off.  If possible, change your email password or any passwords to sites you feel will compromise your professional image.

The above video is a non-sales (yes, many freelance techies are using this unfortunate event to sell their services) account as to what to look for and how the consumer should handle things on their end.  If you don't have six minutes to spare I can sum it up - don't give these people SHIT.  Also, no account I looked up recommends contacting the host to solve the problem (too busy collecting your money, I guess).  I got one of these both my Gmail (free) and paid host what does that tell you?

While this seems to be happening worldwide, I want to express that I do understand your frustration.  Especially if you've come to know us over the years and suddenly run across this crap.  We're not part of the bitcoin movement and have nothing to gain by seeing what you (or anyone else) do under the covers.