Will Angela White (fka Blac Chyna) Change Attitudes about Cosmetic Surgery?

For nearly two decades, women of color who prioritize looks have been at a crossroads when it comes to accepting their natural beauty. While beauty standards go back centuries to the days of slave plantations, it was when cosmetic surgery became affordable that debates were at an all-time high. While white women would take it or leave it, women that identify as Asian, Black, or Brown often deal with accusations of not loving themselves.

Angela White came onto the scene more than a decade ago as a popular Miami stripper-turned-video girl and rapper Tyga’s baby momma. Shortly after her debut in Kanye West’s music video for “Monster” as Nicki Minaj’s stunt double, White lined up a number of modeling gigs. Through her connections with the Kardashian family, the lucrative offers increased.

Getting Ahead in the Long Run

While this may seem like the typical prototype for any attractive woman who wants a career in front of the camera, White also excelled on the business side. Although her educational background has a lot of online loose ends, she’s also used her popularity to run two Los Angeles-based businesses. Being managed by Kris Jenner also helped in building her brand, in front of and away from the camera.

For years, we’ve seen White take on a number of looks that mostly bordered on being a caricature. From extreme tanning to lip fillers to sculpted cheekbones, not to mention the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) that seemed to have its own life at times. After her recent transformation, she described her look as being “a jigsaw”.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Really an Investment?

For someone like White, visual appeal is everything…no matter how exaggerated. Every blog or media mention showed us a look that was guaranteed to get readers talking and speculating. Many working-class women may oppose women who make money with their bodies. However, probably just as many would jump at the chance to make the kind of money “Blac Chyna” made through businesses, influencer opportunities, and TV show appearances.

So creating a stunning visual isn’t a POC or white thing if you know how to play ball in the end, right? For Asian, Black, and Latino women, it’s sexualization that can make or break the path to progression. Finding that fine balance between being extremely attractive and smart is a battle that women continue to fight today. However, getting taken seriously enough to be considered for entry into the ring is the initial struggle. So why not take an easy shortcut?

Dealing with Side Effects, Aging, and Other Ish

Booty explosions, infections, permanent deformation, and in some cases, death, are part of the course at some point. As many factors are involved – like the education and training of the practitioner – other considerations include current health status, hygiene practice, and course of action when unusual side effects occur. While some cosmetic surgery patients often sense when something is wrong, they also should prepare for random events.

White’s explanations for her recent change have been linked to past practitioners as well as the need for personal change. Whatever her reasons, many who once looked down on the stripper/video girl culture are seeing her in a new light. Surprised? Well, if you think about it, most female celebrities with a sexy persona usually change (or tone down) by their 40th birthday. White turns 35 this May.

Be Frugal, Stay Away from Unnecessary Surgery

To be on the safe side, it helps to understand that outside of weight gain or loss, it’s impossible to change the body. Cutting undesirable parts doesn’t change DNA nor does every cosmetic procedure come out as expected. While some women benefit from temporary fixes like face fillers or cosmetic tattoos, comprehending that the more procedures are done, the higher the chances of permanent injury or death.

In the meantime, there are squats for a higher or more developed booty.  Using light dumbbells a few hours a week can decrease the look of saggy arms. Overall, regular exercise can help us have a better-looking body. And it costs way less than getting cut up and missing work due to recovery. More importantly, exercise and acceptance of self are also less risky than getting a possible painkiller addiction. Ask Anna Nicole.

So What’s Next?

In an age where individuality is celebrated more than ever, we see imperfect bodies more than ever. Women are choosing to let their bellies flop instead pour their imperfections into a pair of Spanx or a waist trainer. Skin bleaching (the one thing White did NOT do, contrary to popular rumor) is slowly becoming a thing of the past as more government agencies are cracking down on over-the-counter products.

What we can do as a community is be informed about body transformation risks. While the “come up” is always a goal, many don’t think about the consequences of making themselves a cosmetic experiment. Lips so large a person can’t smile. Permanent skin damage from using illegal fade creams and injections. Missing limbs are the aftermath of the desire to have more defined legs or a better booty. 

Yes, all in the name of random people who will pay to see an accident happen but will never consider the persons involved.