Why Every Month Should Celebrate Women

Yeah, there's a reason I've seldom jumped on the Women's History Month bandwagon. Yet the spirit of progress will never leave me (even in my extended absence). 

However, in keeping with the spirit (and finally doing right with my blogging duties 😁), I'm gonna post something different. 

10 Weird Things Invented by Women

  1. The Paper Bag (Margaret E. Knight) - yes, this goes back to when the man didn't feel like lugging around a lunch pail or box and there was no time or money to grab a burger.
  2. The Foot Pedal Trash Can (Lillian Gilbreth) - well check that out...another engineer from a time when we were expected to be nurses or teachers. She literally had homemaking down to a science.
  3. The Monopoly Board Game (Elizabeth Magie) - one of the first games with educational value. Also, Magie had a plethora of side hustles for more than a century before it became a way of life.
  4. Disposable Diapers (Marion Donovan) - whether you love them or hate them, Ms. Donovan made life easier for your mother or grandmother. One less thing to multitask (wink).
  5. Bette Nesmith Graham - not only did she birth a Monkee (1/4 of the 60s music group) but she also made typing easier with Liquid Paper (also the first unofficial pastel nail polish if you were a cheap-ass like that) and helped launch the Music Television network, a.k.a. MTV.
  6. The Circular Saw (Tabitha Babbitt) - while I still don't know how to work one of these, I know this made life easier for handypersons (both professional and hobbyists) across the nation and beyond.
  7. The Retractable Dog Leash (Mary A. Delaney) - this inventor made life easier for dogs and their owners, as well as future professional dog walkers across the globe.
  8. The Folding Cabinet Bed (Sarah E. Goode) - now known as a Murphy Bed, Ms. Goode was the first AA/ADOS woman to receive a U.S. patent for this invention in 1885.
  9. Scotchgard (Patsy O'Connell Sherman) - this former 3M chemist found a way to save dark-colored couches and sneakers from dirt and spills with a single handheld spray.
  10. The Video Home Security System (Marie Van Brittan Brown) - a former nurse and inventor who got inspiration by returning home from long shifts late at night. Her husband was also a partner in its conception.
As you can see, we excelled in science when women were seldom accepted into the field but managed to incorporate our consumer experiences with learned technology.