Thursday, July 16, 2020

Moving On Up to a Better Host

Right now, we're not out but moving on again.  Actually, we're in the midst of looking for a host not connected to "oogGel" or "StopPop".  We've had unusual relations in the past but when don't acknowledge my host remittance, we have a problem. 

So, we've been holding an audition process that so far has looked like this...

Yup,  it beez that way sometimes.

Anyway, we're narrowing in on a final candidate solution so thanks in advance for your patience!

Friday, July 10, 2020

When Your Online Presence is No Longer the Business

There's nothing more powerful than being able to make a decent living while sitting around in your jammies or putting the hours YOU want.  However, there's a lot that can happen during the course of freelancing or choosing to work at home.  Throw in the COVID pandemic and you may be rethinking your career path entirely.

Not long ago, I chose to use a masseuse service for personal and physical reasons.  For years, I'd seen one young lady inside a luxury-style day spa who appeared to be happy.  Even better, I learned she was the owner.  I never entered or made a live appointment but in checking out her website, it kind of looked like she had some decent offerings.

Even her Yelp profile was 4/5 stars and for this type of business where rough hands can kill everything, this was impressive.  According to commenters, her prices were also lower than most in the area.  So I make an appointment and that's when the question marks pop up in my head.

The navigation on the site was terrible like one person made the lovely animated home page but a different shopping cart package was used. More like a cheap one because her logo disappeared and the services listed on different pages couldn't be found.  I just got my website creator certificate and have a degree in Merchandising so I'm a little picky about these things.  My experience in e-commerce also lets me know that corner-cutting may be a problem for me as the customer.