A Book Recommendation for Plus Size Living and an Announcement

Yes, You Can Wear That: How to Look and Feel Fierce at Any Size by Abby Hoy is a pleasant change of scenery. Hoy's writing voice is chipper as it is welcoming and best of all, it's free of the divatude that seems to take over most plus-size living books and other media. Tired phrases like 'large and in charge' give women and girls of size the false impression that being human is super-effed up when you don't look like a 90s supermodel. Some phrases like 'bigger is better' feed into a negative stereotype that can give one a destructive sense of self.

Here, in between several colorful wardrobe changes, Hoy talks about work, love, and becoming a social media influencer. While some accounts are a little winded (hey, I'm older now), her practical perspective in navigating this thing called life makes a nice reading balance. In my first book review in several years, I'd definitely give this a solid 'A' and highly recommend for anyone looking to find their way through daily challenges

Back in the day, when GENEROUS had a more humorous or quirky edge, emphasis was placed on having a quality life and outlook regardless of size. While fashion wasn't our focus, I chose to take excerpts of my life and have them play out through cartoon art, memes, etc. Things have definitely changed in the past few years, as we have multiple media figures who are considered smart, sexy, and most of all, accepted by the masses. 

However, not all change is good. Social media has played a solid role in what people are doing to get attention or become insta-celebrities. This may be great for those with discernable talent or something meaningful to share but let's be honest, a lot of "authentic" content out there reeks of desperation.

So this is to say that we will be working back to our roots of providing information in a fun format. It's kind of like leaving your old neighborhood to live on the "right" side of town. For us bloggers, there's so much pressure to choose the right topics and do the whole SEO thing in order to gain revenue. Truthfully speaking, it felt better to create honest content that a small group can relate to. To bring to truth all the way home, the old brand/format brought in more revenue.

To wrap up, I want to thank all of you who've hung in with me. Since starting in 2007, there's been a lot of changes and since we've decided to ease out of this generic branding, I also want to thank Ms. Hoy for providing some inspiration. Love ya and see you soon. J. Swindell