Save Money Doing Yucky but Necessary Things Like Car Repair

Courtesy of Creative Commons

You've been doing your best to keep up with the economy and its fluctuations. Maybe you've mastered being frugal or cutting back on things like clothes no longer feels like going cold turkey. Whatever the case, there's something out there waiting to catch you slipping. It's nothing you did deliberately but possibly a stereotype or something you witnessed growing up.

So what did you do? Waited to check your oil, vents, or that strange sound coming from a place that attracts dirt and oil.

Say Goodbye to Shady Mechanics

The predator is the serviceperson you may have to pay an insane amount of money for something that could've been prevented. Service tradespersons rely on (nope...LOVE) the individual who's one or more of the following:

  • Too busy to look under the hood 
  • Unfamiliar with (or intimidated by) basic machinery
  • Too cute to be bothered
  • Unknowing when it comes to prices for basic services
  • Having money to throw away

While none of these are crimes or you may have enough to pay and go about your business, having knowledge saves. In these times, no one deserves to get gauged into the poorhouse. You can do small things around the home or with your car in as little as a half-hour.

And this isn't to say that having knowledge may protect you entirely from these predators, but for us women, it's a start. You must ensure that your car and home are safe and free from possible damage. Even if you don't have a mechanical bone in your body, knowing how things work will make a shady mechanic or other tradesperson think twice about getting over on you.

Car Care Resources for Women

Here are a few resources that can help out but if you have an older vehicle, it may be better to take an in-person class or workshop, if possible:

Mechanic Shop Femme hosts a number of virtual workshops that cover buying, insurance, and tires. While there are a number of price points, some only ask for a donation. You can also reach out to Chaya with questions.

Girls Auto Clinic offers a number of workshops and easy-to-read guides that will help you sort out things when buying or making minor repairs. Sign up to receive more information or learn about a new career as a shecanic.

Essential Car Care - this book goes back to 2013 but I'd imagine the information is just as relevant as it was nearly a decade ago (with the exception of later electric/hybrid models).

You can also check out your local colleges for short-term noncredit classes that may be taken in the evening or on the weekend. Sites like Eventbrite also have virtual and live listings for these types of events. If you have time this weekend (July 30), AAA is hosting The Girl's Garage series online