Equal Partnership vs. Ride or Die?

It's no secret that women of all backgrounds are moving up and oppression is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Not only are we working in positions once intended solely for men but learning about long money. If you're not in the know about ways to earn residual income, inheritance, or ways to save for early retirement, it may not be too late to start today.

While the opportunities may be endless for some, we all know that life happens. The people we connect with can profoundly affect how we see the world and manage relationships. Particularly those we are closest to, whether platonic or romantic, can teach us the hardest lessons.

Over the weekend, T'Yonna Wallace daughter of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G., made news for putting up her Brooklyn home as bail for her boyfriend/baby daddy. The young man had been on the run after being at fault for a hit and run. This was not a few hundred dollars some people may not miss but because he caused injury to others (trying to run from police because his license was suspended), his bond was set at $1 million dollars.

I've never been a fan of The Real but this 2 y.o. clip makes interesting points about being a ride-or-die chick. For those out of the know, being a ride or die is really an extreme example of being loyal to a romantic partner. While this applies to couples of all preferences, most situations are between a man and woman...where the man usually benefits. Money, a place to stay, a professional connection; watch any daytime TV court show and you'll see how far some situations go. You never hear about a ride-or-die dude.

Many times, these situations sometimes result in the man/male admitting they're proud to have a woman with this trait. Sometimes it goes back generations. However, many of these modern cases are not what our parents or grandparents went through. Working as a secretary or domestic while the husband goes to law or med school doesn't carry the same weight as someone who supports a chronically unemployed or mentally unstable partner. Yes, your love may be strong but some relationships can kill you.

Without getting too preachy, I'll make this blunt but short. Youth isn't forever. There are too many things that can happen in a short period of time that can permanently affect your paper (even your coins). Sickness, loss of income, familial structure changes, and even unfortunate circumstances can flip things around beyond your control. Save your sanity, enjoy what life has to offer, and let the deadbeats fend for themselves.