Ladies Use Your Stimulus to Get Affairs in Order

If you haven't done too much damage at the mall (or favorite online stores), now's the time to put things into perspective.  That factor is that time waits for no one...even in the age where 50 is the new 35.  Retirement, whether planned or forced on by unusual circumstances, is a very real thing.  There's no guarantee that you'll be able to punch a clock at 75 or that you will want to.

Income annuities can make retirement planning a lot easier and the earlier you start, the greater the payoff.  Even better, you can plan when you receive payouts in your lifetime instead of waiting to receive the maximum benefit.  In recent, only a handful of working adults have had the luxury of early retirement without having to downsize their lifestyle.

Can I Just Cut Back?

Why yes, cutting back on expenses is a wise move, and choosing to live the frugal life does bring some financial rewards.  However, talking to an insurance agent is one of the best ways to explore your financial planning options.  They are many ways to ensure the strongest growth of money saved over a period of time.

What If I Freelance or Do Gig Work?

Now that you've left that stuffy corporate structure and are living your career aspirations, say goodbye to the cushy perks like a pension.  People of all backgrounds have the power to create their own financial destiny when it comes to having a quality existence - now and in the future.  No one should have to feel stuck in a job they hate in order to receive benefits that may barely supplement their social security when they get older.

So get the facts today, even if your content with your job or feel financially stable.  During the last recession, many workers of a certain age who thought they had it all figured out got the shock of their lives.  While some had the resources to downsize with little effort, others found themselves having to look for new employment or additional income.  Reasons were they needed to work a little longer, made a bad investment, or had an unplanned event within their immediate family.  Remember, no one is immune to the unexpected.