Gone but Not Forgotten

Courtesy of From Head to Curve

When I read that Fabuplus magazine ceased publication a while ago, my heart sank.  I also think ti kinda affected my desire to work out more.  Anyway, I hope that pioneers like Jessamyn Stanley will continue to break down the walls of self-consciousness that many of us face when we choose to transform our bodies for the better.

Since I last posted regularly, I've been affected by a lot of health issues.  Not just cancer or post-chemo weight gain but the process of gaining natural energy.  I'm 13 years older than I was when I started this blogging thing but I've got the insides of a 75 y.o.  Yes, I'm probably the only person at my college graduation who knows EXACTLY where to find the prune juice in every supermarket.  Hell, I can even tell you how to make prunes more tolerable!

Which brings me to a heartbreaking moment I experienced during finals.  I lost a cousin who weighed around 500 lbs around the time of her demise.  I don't think Dr. Now had a show back then but she faced a challenge that many super-obese people face when they decide to make a change.

The day her son publicly chided her for not being able to walk, I got sick to my stomach.  While they've always had a nontraditional relationship, I knew the pain of that verbal blow.  For years, she held steady at a super-sturdy 300 lbs (about 5'6), which isn't the worst thing but the pendulum can rock with wild abandon when it comes to regular workouts.  Before her passing, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wasn't able to work.  Although she knew how to work the system, her last place of residence for nearly a decade was a senior citizen home, where she was admitted at 57 years young.

Many times, I managed to walk with a bad knee and even joined a free workout session at the mall (SPOILER: Don't be afraid to join in a senior citizen workout session.  Even if things are a little slow, it's more calorie-burning activity than sitting in front of an electronic box for half an hour).  This was late last year and I felt optimistic.  Strangely, I sometimes consider myself blessed because there's a will to workout - even though I'm no one's athlete.  Not even by a stretch.

We owe it to ourselves to create a sense of community.  Not just for the color of our skin or sexual preference because those things mean nothing if we're not healthy.  In the years since my regular posts, the media has inundated us with images that celebrate gluttony, sloth, and a lack of self-confidence.

I'm no one to say that Lizzo is any better or worse than the next person but I pray for the well-being of anyone who's dealing with mental health and weight issues simultaneously.  Watch any episode of my 600# Life and what is the common factor of most participants?  That they were victims of sexual abuse growing up...some even in the home where they were the most vulnerable.

So, looking ahead all I can do is count blessings because looking at misfortunes (a.k.a. politics) can bring anyone down.  Also, I will stay updated on the re-issue of Fabuplus and I hope you enjoy the resources I've posted.  BYE!🙋