A Couple of Announcements

from Miss You GIFs via Gfycat

If you're still hanging in there, thank you.  We're in the process of emancipating ourselves from Danica Patrick's former slavemaster but in the era of this pandemic, everything is taking longer...including domain transfer.  The other matter at hand is that we will resume accepting blog submissions around July 1.

Right now, I'm updating and adding a few pages.  One will be a lengthy list of resources I've collected over the past few years.  These relate to lifestyle, plus size living, and small business.  I tend to be a nosy bird and often bookmark sites that are often overlooked and/or underappreciated.

In the meantime, this is a YouTube star that cracks me up.  Graham Stephan is a little extreme but from the looks of it, he became a "millionaire" making streaming vids.  Maybe I'm wrong but it seems the only person he's fiscally satisfied with is the young lady who lives out of her van by choice...but doesn't cook for herself.

Here's another vide that features down-to-earth money management advice for consumers -