You Spend Too Much Money

Yep, I said it. You...that person that must live at the mall for hours or spend hours at the computer while life is happening.  And you know better...the question is will you do better now that the holidays are around the corner?  Like anything else, rather than say you'll do the right thing to save face, first understand why you do the wrong thing.

You probably know about the many millionaires that live the frugal life but what are your plans?  Do you have plans?  Trust me, if you work for someone need plans for the day your services are no longer needed.
Shopping is both a necessity and a vice for some women.  Many of us were brought up to believe that the fiercest looking chick would become the woman who got ahead.  Really?  Well, some cultures (namely AA/ADOS/Black communities) generally would rather look fly rather than invest...NOT ALL but enough to make a difference.  Although dressing "to the nines" is a form of communication that says 'take me seriously', there's a happy medium that'll help you save money instead of wasting it.


So, getting back to the matter at hand.  Whether your shopping is a planned extravaganza or starts off simple but escalates out of control habitually, knowing the reason why can help reel things in.  The answer(s) may be surprising and it may be something you've never thought about.

Back when I was in my POS relationship called an engagement/trial marriage, I suffered from the top reason why most people overspend.  Being in a bad mood and having at least $200 on a single credit card was a bad combination.  Not just because I was sure to be on the hook for $126-130 the following month but because I bought shit I didn't need but later realized there were a 1000 other things I could've been doing.
Here's the short list:
1. Volunteering.  Life is short, careers are shorter and cut that time in half if you're a career-changer over 35.  Getting additional work experience while you have a regular income is the best way to transition into a new field.  Even if its less than 20 hours a week.
2. Working.'re probably like me where you've had short stints of taking on a second job. Maybe you work two or more jobs so you can spend your ass off.  Looking back, all I can say to anyone is, think about the future.  Seriously.
3. Join a Meetup or take a weekend class.  Back in my day, there was no CourseHorse or resource that had recreational class listings but that's no excuse.  This would've been the right time to perfect my Javascript skills or learn how to make quick fixes to my vehicle.

Like the kids used to say, just get your life.  There's too much that can be done outside of hanging out at an overpriced mall.  If looking like an office diva is the goal, hopefully, your plan is part of a greater strategy to move up in your company or industry.