Excellent Advice from Women Entrepreneurs

Barbara Corcoran is one of my business sheroes.  Seriously, ever since I read her bio Shark Tales more than a couple of years ago, I think of her when things are down.  When women choose someone who inspires them to do better, it's more effective when there is a common ground.

For those who don't know, Barbara built her fortune without a lot of money (it was something like $1K, I think), college, or marrying someone rich.  While she's one of the most prolific, there are many others who are creating their own path to success...even if it strays from the norm or what others may expect.

This Entrepreneur blog post features three women who struck out on their own and give a realistic POV of what really goes down.  When a person starts a business, it takes the ability to balance many factors - family obligations, preexisting money issues, time management and most importantly -- self-care.

In many instances, it takes time to find a rhythm that allows everything to come together 80% of the time (because all positive relationships have a 20% ratio of imperfection or are a work in progress).  Sometimes, women who are successful found they may have to cut (or at least, reduce) their weekly girls' night out or shopping trips. 

And Barbara is another person who sees the long-term before Louboutins.  While you don't have to give up mall shopping for the thrift store (even though this seems to be the trend), any reasonable bargain-hunting efforts are certain to pay off.

So if your lifestyle is more like a single Champale bottle than a case of Cristal.  Here are some quick tips to make that business venture run a little smoother -
1. Clean up any money matters quickly and learn your rights in regard to personal credit.
2. Watch how time is used.  Many successful business owners, regardless of gender, don't have hours-long, meaningless conversations with friends every day...or even every week.
3. Learn digital marketing from a reliable source.  Google Digital Garage is free, easy to learn, and gets right to the heart of the matter.  Remember, going to the source is always best.
4.  Don't get tied to the computer.  Yes, it's hard but taking breaks is necessary.
5. Always network.  Make social media profiles attractive and relevant and keep business cards on hand at all times.