Are You Cheap or Frugal?

When I worked in corporate America and found myself dealing with the "office diva".  She made it known to anyone willing to listen that she spent near top dollar for everything on her person...all so that she could sit in the clerical pool with the rest of us cheap-ass peasants.  She once found it amusing that I chose to brown bag it instead of being seen at the numerous food franchises nearby.  Yeah right, lose money and gain more salt, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and animal oil in my diet.

So while munching on my instant brown rice and salsa (don't knock it 'til you try it), l slowly figured that my frugal living allowed me many freedoms this person didn't have.  For one, I wasn't trapped by my job and didn't have to sacrifice my principles.  When it was time for me to go, I was able to give myself a nice little vacay from the office and begin writing part-time.

Never Flip Backwards
Fast forward a couple of decades, I still use some of the same principles but have learned more about what to do with savings.  Starting a business is good for those with the stomach for it or investing can be a good idea.  However, long after leaving that job, I began to fall into the "cheapness" trap.

And it began to show.  Friends started offering to pay for lunch and even my grocery shopping habits changed for the worst when I began cohabitating.  While bulk hot links are nice once in a while, it's not healthy enough to be a regular staple.  In other words, think about the health consequences when deciding to buy all of your groceries at the dollar store.

Keep Dollar Tree and Whole Foods Close to Your Heart
This is a delicate balance for many who make a decent living but have a hard time adjusting to change.  They either go too far into budgeting or not far enough.  One thing that has helped me is a personal budget book.  As there are many kinds from which to choose, it helps to select one that fits you.  Some people like to use little cute stickers and others want something similar to a bookkeeping journal.  For me, pockets for receipts and other documents made the difference.

These books are also great for setting personal goals, both long and short term.  But if a person is really serious about getting household finances in order, they may want to check out this book below.

**Non-sponsored**Yes, this changed my life! It comes with downloadable files that can be customized to each lifestyle.  If you think there's not enough time in the day to cook, clean your house or anything else that does not include being in the mall - you will find ow to organize more time for that side business, workout, or whatever kind of life upgrade you may need.