How's Your Resolutions Coming Along? Announcement from Crazations...

We're switching gears here...and you can read about it on our newly-revamped main site.  Yep, instead of ranting about pop culture and the dying feminism movement, we've found that more readers better respond to health and money matters.  These topics resonate with me now because:

  1. I'm almost 12 years older than I was when I first started this blog.
  2. I've undergone some major health issues (cancer and high blood pressure fluctuations) in recent.
  3. And, some of my problems (probably) wouldn't have existed if I'd eaten a little better and took advantage of better money opportunities.
If you're a person that sticks to their New Year's resolutions, you're blessed with the gift of willpower.  I used to be that person until someone close to me encouraged otherwise.  When that relationship went downhill, unfortunately, some habits stuck around.

Tell me if either if these scenarios sound familiar...

You get some money you weren't expecting and want to celebrate.  Do you...
a) Put in the bank or buy stock shares with great potential.
b) Give in to peer pressure and spend it in Vegas, where not only does it partially disappear but so does the money of your partner in crime.

If I had to choose a happy medium, I'd go somewhere local.  In southern California, there are plenty of options.  The great thing about choosing option A more often is that it can cover slow periods for freelancers or people that simply hate their job.  Here's another one.

You've recently made some changes to your social scene, as there's more fun along with more eating out or junk food intake.  Do you...
a) Not care that you can no longer wear your old clothes and the fat comments from others are more frequent than normal.
b) Get on the immediate bandwagon to start eating better and offer to go grocery shopping with friends to split the cost on higher-end items like lean beef, shellfish, or green vegetables that taste good and are high in fiber.

While some diseases cannot be prevented, health is all most of us really have.  When health is greatly compromised and there seems to be no end other than meds, this can be depressing.  Not an expert but sometimes too much rest can lead to bad things like lack of circulation.  The great thing about modern exercise is there are many ways to get fir without spending a ton of money.   Find out more here.