An Anti-Feminist Video I Actually Like

Not a belated April Fool's joke.  I was scrolling through YT and happened to run into this guy.  He broke down on the BS that supposedly defines feminism and why I had to relinquish the feminist title a few years ago.  Surprisingly, everything he said, I agree with.

Taking it to the Streets...And?

Firstly, demonstrations don't solve shit.  For almost a year, the media's coverage of me2 has made me sick.  Why?  Who cares about some knifed-up actress and the six figures she makes for doing a dull-ass movie?  What she does or does not wear to an event has nada to do with the many other professions that pay less than half of most Hollyweird salaries and require twice the work?  Oh yeah, and you have some jerk-off boss sabotaging efforts for mothers and others with a vag to move ahead.  While I've had more women give me problems, either way, the struggle is very real.

Fight the Man (literally)...Nope!

The same goes for violence.  While I'm happy this pink hat movement has been relatively safe in terms of physical confrontation, the others that resort to violent actions and that for the orange monster worshippers.

And the Scale Says...It's Time for a Change

And my favorite topic...weight.  A lifelong struggle that has left me in tears, whether literal or imagined.  While I don't condone fat-shaming (if you don't like looking at someone, look away...I've done it with people that had too much cosmetic surgery), I will say own what you are.  Some people are ignorant as to why obesity rates are so high, others are pure lazy, and there are a million instances in-between that mostly are not society's gotdamn business.

Despite the changes (GoDaddy has truly pissed me off over the past year, hence the sudden move), there will be a zine giveaway for a while.  Submission info can be found at, please encourage your friends to stop by and let's discover something different together.