Get that Money Honey!

Making that cabbage grow is no easy job and maintaining a livable budget these days comes with curves that most women don’t want.  Learn how to manage money better, find ways to save, or discover something new that will change your financial status for the better.

Her Money - besides frugal living, this site covers a wide range of life events like estate planning, insurance, and loans for every need.  For those in need of a financial advisor, author Jean Chatzky has teamed up with Wealthramp, a free referral service that's registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).  There's also a no-obligation questionnaire that visitors may complete at their convenience.

Money Saving Mom - this is another family-oriented site that offers a lot on one page.  I chose the 'Start' page because there's a lot to cover - budgeting, freebies, grocery shopping, and of course, ways to make extra income.  While Crystal offers readers a lot, it looks like she's also got a lot of affiliate links going so shop wisely!

My Money Smart - part of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's (FDIC) website dedicated to consumer finance and literacy.  Ideal for the person with little to no knowledge about banking, credit, or personal finances.  Offers a wealth of information in regard to cybersecurity fraud, mortgage scams, and other consumer issues.

Six Figures Under - this is a family-oriented site that's updated regularly and they offer a Frugal Substitutions Cheat Sheet to anyone who signs up.  What I like about this site is that not all budgeting efforts go as planned and author Stephanie seems to have a sense of humor about her many money-saving adventures.

The Penny Hoarder - one of the most visited consumer finance and budgeting sites around today.  Visitors can also learn money basics from The Penny Hoarder Academy, which is free to registered users.  Also impressive are the number of investing posts dedicated to those with little knowledge of the stock market.

Wise Bread - the 'Living Large on a Small Budget' site is super-old school but has kept it simple and strong since 2006.  This site covers everything from careers to frugal living to personal finance to technology.  Though posts are written by a team of freelance bloggers, Wise Bread remains a reputable resource.

Women's Institute for Financial Education (WIFE) - despite its acronym, this site places a lot of emphasis on the d-word.  Yep, many enter thinking it's forever but depending on the main money earner, the only thing promised is alimony.  There are also sections dedicated to retirement, losing a spouse, and basic budgeting advice.  If it's ongoing support you need, the Money Club may be the perfect solution to financial prosperity.